Nature's Wisdom!                      
 Using "NEWLIFE, Spicy natural herbal tea, according to an ancient recipe, has been proved safe and effective for the control of Many Life diseases in a natural way. Anyone can use this product as an effective healthy drink or to cure the diseases.
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Health benefits of "NEWLIFE" Spicy natural Herbal Tea.

Refresh the body, React as an anti-oxidant,

Enhance a good blood supply, Keep your body warm, Relief from  body ache  & tiredness, Restrict the increase of blood cholesterol, Help to control high blood pressure, Help to fight cancer, Relief from cough, cold & fever ,Maintain a reasonable body weight and help to digest food, Cure asthma and wheezing, Cure diarrhoea & all kinds of stomach pains, Prevent & cure all kinds of urinal troubles, Prevent & cure toothache & other mouth diseases, Cure constipation.


Little More about NEWLIFE Spicy tea:

This tea is extremely good in taste and very effective, It is good to use in

winter time because it will keep you warm in cold weather. And better for people who do hard jobs, it can give a relief from body pains and tiredness. According to our long term researches none of The users rejects or refuses to continue "NEWLIFE Spicy tea"  because this tea product really boosts your day in a natural way. TRY NEWLIFE SPICY TEA AND EXPERIENCE THE WISDOM OF THE NATURE...         


This product has been clinically tested and approved by the Department of Ayurveda, in Sri Lanka & contains 100% Natural herbs & spices. No artificial, Flavours, colours and no side effects. A strong & more effective, refreshing tea brown in colour and  Irresistible taste.


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