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Gotukola( Centella asiatica) & ginger( Zingiber officinalae) is known as a valuable health supplement for centuries, This inspired blend of Gotukola & Ginger has a full aroma and smooth rich taste while itís healing human body.

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Health benefits of NEWLIFE Memory Booster Tea.

According to the Ayurvedha, NEWLIFE Memory Booster tea can improve memory power; increase the power of concentrations and general ability also helps to cure mental retardation & prevent from loss of memory.

Use of this tea not only improves intelligent personality out from you but also helps to maintain lovely healthy skin, helps to accelerate wound healing of connective tissues, cure anal fissures and work as a remedy for catarrh & sinus ailments.

By taking a cup of  NEWLIFE Memory Booster tea daily, it can help to digest food and prevent from stomach pains, also it works as an natural antioxidant & very effective for caught, cold & fevers.



This product has been clinically tested and approved by the Department of Ayurveda, in Sri Lanka & contains 100% Natural herbs. No artificial Flavours or colours, no side effects. A smooth taste & more effective and Refreshing herbal drink, Brown in colour & Irresistible taste and smell.

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