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Diabetes and Sex Life


Erectile Dysfunction or Ed can be an early warning sign that you have diabetes, or are at risk of developing it. ED is defined as problems getting or maintaining erection that lasts long enough or is firm enough for sex. In some cases, doctors note that ED symptoms may even precede abnormalities in glucose tolerance. So itís a good idea for men with ED to be tested for diabetes.

It is also worth knowing that ED is a common side effect of diabetes Ė within 10 years of the diagnosis at least 50 percent of male patients with diabetes than among the general population. So itís recommended that diabetic men discuss erectile dysfunction with their doctor during their annual medical check- up.

How Diabetes Causes ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

ED in diabetes is no simple matter doctors estimate that 70 percent of all ED cases are caused either by diabetes and/or vascular or heart disease.

Other causes, such as kidney disease, and injuries to the prostate, bladder and spinal cord are less common causes. Diabetes causes ED because fluctuating blood glucose levels damage the cell and eventually the small and medium blood vessels. This affects blood in the body, especially inside smaller body parts, like the penis. The penis is more or less a tube of tissue, filled with minuscule blood vessels. To get a stiff erection, blood has to flow into these tubes and blood vessels, and remain inside long enough for the penis to stiffen.

Obviously, if diabetes damages blood vessels, less blood enters the penis, resulting in ED. Men with diabetes also have a higher rate of vascular or heart disease than the ordinary population, which can also cause a reduced blood flow in the penis. So itís a good idea to follow your doctorsí instructions when it comes to managing diabetes through the correct diet, exercise as well as medication and also we recommend drinking NEWLIFE tea to get rid- of diabetes and enjoy your sexual life.