Tea and health
Tea treat..
A quality tea is rich in antioxidant;
Originally tea was regarded as a medicinal curiosity and subsequently gained status as a social beverage because of the grate taste and enjoyable aroma.
Tea is the one of the best & healthiest drink because it is pleasant and refreshing drink, Unlike other natural drinks, Ceylon black tea contains uniquely high amount of antioxidant flavonoids that could reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke & cancer.
Antioxidants are a compound that helps to clean harmful compounds from the blood.
Also it may protect against Alzheimer's and other age-related memory impairments.
Tea inhibits the growth of harmful micro-organisms in oral cavity to a certain degree thereby protecting teeth and gums and tea is good source of fluoride.
Tea is an ideal drink to loose weight (without milk and sugar) & helps in hydration of body tissues and contributes towards our daily fluid requirement.
After all tea is the healthiest and best drink in the world…
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